Ottawa Black History Month Afro Caribbean Indoor Tennis Championship

Feb 24-25th, 2024

Join us for an exhilarating celebration of diversity and tennis prowess. Our tournament honors Black history while showcasing top-notch amateur tennis skills. Explore the event details, register, and be part of this extraordinary sporting and cultural experience in Ottawa.

Tournament Objectives:

About the Tournament

Welcome to The Ottawa Black History Month Afro Caribbean Indoor Tennis Championship(Feb 24-25, 2024), a groundbreaking event organized in collaboration between Ottawa Loves Tennis and UNILEARNAL. This tournament is a testament to our shared commitment to promoting diversity, unity, and excellence in the world of tennis.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a platform that celebrates the rich cultural heritage and sporting talent within the African and Caribbean diaspora. By bringing together teams representing Africa, The Caribbean, and the World, we aim to foster a spirit of camaraderie and friendly competition on the tennis court.

Organizers: Ottawa Loves Tennis & UNILEARNAL

Ottawa Loves Tennis is a passionate community of tennis enthusiasts dedicated to promoting the sport in the Ottawa region. Committed to inclusivity and empowerment, we believe in using tennis as a means to bring people together.

UNILEARNAL is a dynamic organization focused on educational and cultural initiatives. Through collaborative events like this championship, we aim to bridge communities, inspire learning, and celebrate diversity.

The Championship Experience

Scheduled during Black History Month, this tournament not only pays homage to the significant contributions of the African and Caribbean communities but also provides a platform for athletes to showcase their tennis prowess.


The Tournament will feature four teams: West/Central Africa, East/South Africa, Americas  and the World . Teams will be broken down into two groups(A & B) of 2 teams each. Each team will comprise of 5 players with at least 1 woman. 
There will be 3 singles games played and 1 mixed double.

The winners from each group will advance to play the finals and the losers will vie for the runners-up position.

Difficulty Level

Tennis Canada 3.0-4.5 Level




Rideau Sports Centre

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